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DESTINY CONSULT was born in 2001 out of a desire to provide leadership support to young professionals in the workplace. The focus was on professionals and the goal was to walk alongside them providing programs, resources, and tools to empower their leadership. The founder Directors Peter and Dorothy Kisaka teamed up with their long-time friends James and Lorna Magara and pooled resources to run the inaugural workshops. Participants were drawn from different disciplines including teachers, doctors, pastors lawyers, business people, and others.   


By 2004, what started as hit and run weekend leadership workshops in 2001 had evolved into a fully-fledged virtual LEADERSHIP SCHOOL running a homegrown curriculum in a modular format. In 2005 the first group of Destiny graduates were commissioned after completing a one-year leadership course. Destiny graduates are serving in various leadership positions in the country. They are key facilitators of Destiny programs and speakers at Destiny event


In February 2006 the inaugural DESTINY LEADERSHIP EXPO was held. The goal of the EXPO was to showcase, recognise and celebrate outstanding leaders in the community. The event was organised as a dinner event held at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel attracting well over 300 guests. Three Leadership Awards were given out to outstanding leaders in private business, Government Corporation and the church. The EXPO is an annual event.


In subsequent years, the idea of the EXPO running as a TEACHING CONFERENCE was born. In January 2013, Destiny Consult hosted the first three day Leadership EXPO in partnership with Makerere Hill Deliverance Church. This gathering was aimed at equipping emerging leaders and meeting them where they are. It attracted well over 600 participants many of whom were young leaders. 



"Empower Leaders to Serve With Excellence and Integrity"

Destiny provides personal and organisational development programs. Destiny Graduates are challenged to be vehicles of national transformation. We train and motivate leaders to serve with excellence and integrity. Destiny operates as a VIRTUAL LEADERSHIP SCHOOL meeting leaders where they are. Focus is on supporting leaders, walking alongside leaders, providing tools and resources to enable them to be effective in what they do. We do this through leadership workshops, executive seminars, in house training. Learn more about scheduled programs under the events page.

We use an adult learning approach;

        • Interactive classes,
        • Peer grouping,
        • Wholesome curriculum,
        • Modular format,
        • Up to date materials
        • Experienced faculty,
        • A great book resource,
        • Simple yet memorable presentations,
        • Flexible formats,
        • Affiliation to leading leadership training institutions,
        • Fun-filled classes with continuous mentoring

We provide Personal and Organisational Development training enabling set up, preparation of organisational manuals and other tools that empower and equip individuals and organisations to operate with impact and transform society. The clarion call of our training events is, become champions of positive change, pursuing servant leadership with excellence and Integrity


DESTINY consultants, facilitators, and EXPO speakers are drawn from a growing resource of the Destiny Leadership School graduates and other experienced leaders in the market place. DESTINY works in partnership with graduates of Leadership Institutions notably Development Associates International and Haggai Institute International. A team of advisors offers mentoring support to the leadership team.



Dorothy Kisaka serves as Executive Director. A graduate of law, Dorothy is passionate about empowering leaders and is a devoted student of leadership development. She serves as International faculty at Haggai-Institute International in Hawaii USA and in Thailand ( She is an adjunct professor with Development Associates International ( who run graduate leadership courses at various universities in Africa and Asia. Dorothy brings to Destiny the wealth of her legal consulting experience as an attorney at law specialising in family law since 1988. She is married to Peter and they have four children.