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Empowering Leaders to Lead



DESTINY CONSULT EXISTS TO: “Empower Leaders to Serve With Excellence and Integrity” Destiny provides personal and organisational development programs. Destiny Graduates are challenged to be vehicles of national transformation. We train and motivate leaders to serve with excellence and integrity. Destiny operates as a VIRTUAL LEADERSHIP SCHOOL meeting leaders where they are. Focus is on supporting leaders, walking alongside leaders, providing tools and resources to enable them to be effective in what they do. We do this through leadership workshops, executive seminars, in house training.


Destiny Consult’s vision is to empower leaders to lead with excellence and integrity. It is a virtual leadership school where professionals are trained and equipped to be champions of change in their communities and thereby impact and transform society.


  • I believe there is something every leader was born to do and that the leadership role they fill is the God given vehicle through which they will do it.When leaders take pains to figure out their ‘one thing’ and then feed it consistently so that it keeps growing in their lives,they tap into alternative fuel source that never dries up.

    Bill Hybels
  • Leadership is an art, performing art. And in the art of leadership, the artist’s instrument is the self. The mastery of the art of leadership comes with the mastery of the self.

    Kouzes and Posner
  • Leadership is the discipline of deliberately exerting special influence within a group to move it toward goals of beneficial permanence that fulfill the group’s real needs.

    Dr.John Edmund Haggai
  • If a man’s gift is leadership let him govern dilligently

    Apostle Paul
  • Leadership is influence,nothing more,nothing less

    John Maxwell
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    We believe society can be transformed when leaders rise up and systematically disciple their organizations in every sector of life. The leader who embraces their leadership role in society is strategically placed in the market place to be a vehicle for national transformation.